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[very important: a good bookmark. 'Twas a dark, cloudy day. Click to see a wee bit larger. Photo by me.]

Crystal, Christina, Andrea, and Lauren have joined the discussion, too! This is turning out to be a great group. And like I said, new visitors can hop in anytime.

It seems that everyone is OK with my idea: read the first two chapters - "Clay" and "His Separate Shadow" (pages 1-18). I will post my first thoughts on Monday, 3/31 - probably late-afternoonish. If we want to read more than two chapters the following week, that is fine by me. When I completed the 2nd chapter yesterday, I was in awe. I knew we'd love this book! I can hardly wait to read more.

In the meantime, I'm also reading The Wet Collection by Joni Tevis. She is amazing. You can read some of her essays right here. I highly recommend "Beyond the Wilderness." I've already renewed Tevis' book from the library once, and I'll be renewing again on 4/1.

Have a great weekend, y'all.

[and don't forget to e-mail your photos. Pretty please?]


Lauren said...

i'm in :) i'll be picking my copy up from the library in the morning!

jenni said...

Oh, I'm so glad you'll be in on this discussion, Lauren.

Tina said...

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