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Well, it seems that Peace Like a River will be made into a movie in 2009 or so. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm nervous.

I've seen some good book-adaptation films; I was recently very pleased with The Kite Runner, for example. But I think we all agree that the Peace Like a River movie better honor the book, to the highest degree. Right? If this film is done well, I'd love to see it on the big screen.

The only cast member listed is Billy Bob Thornton. Interesting.... Who do you think he will play? Which actors should portray the other characters??


Libby said...

Cool if they are true to the book. How about Jack Nicholson for the weirdo-his name escapes me. As for Swede,she is probably too old but was thinking the little girl in "Remember the Titans " would be perfect. She could play "attitude".I am picturing the little boys face for Reuben-I wentg and looked him up and he is too old now too! I feel old 8) But his name is Haley Joel Osment
and if he were still like his main picture at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005286/
cuz he looks sweet yet a little frail.
I'm thinking they have Billy Bob slated as Jeremiah .

jenni said...

Actually, I could see Billy Bob as Jeremiah or Jape. Is that weird? On the IMDB site, I saw Christian Bale suggested for Jeremiah, and I liked that idea a lot, though he may be too young. I also saw Dakota Fanning suggested for Swede, but I'm not sure Dakota can pull it off.

Robin said...

Ugh, please no Dakota Fanning, there's too much of her already! One I had pictured for Swede was the young Kirsten Dunst (as she was Amy in Little Women), but too bad that won't work out!

Hmmm, Daniel Day Lewis for Jeremiah? :)
Meryl Streep for Roxana (not beautiful but beautiful?)

jenni said...

A young Kirsten Dunst would be perfect for Swede.

I like Meryl Streep OK, but I can't quite see her as Roxanna. However, she is a good actress, so I bet she could pull it off.

Libby said...

I was putting dishes in the dishwasher and the soundtrack from August Rush came on and it hit me- the boy that played in it would be perfect for Reuben. Have you guys seen August Rush?- it is an amazing movie !Let me go see if i can find the boy's name....I'm back (miss me? ;) I know -very funny). Freddie Highmore is his name. Going to IMDb reminded me that Robin Williams would be great for Jape-he was so creepy in August R. Anyway, let me now what you think about these guys and what you thought of the movie.

Andrea said...

I'm going to say that I'm more than nervous about this, although I can't blame Enger for wanting to sell the movie rights.

The magic of this book is in the writing. There is so much of it that I do not think can translate into film. I hope I will be surprised.

I'm not up on all the current child actors out there, but whoever they get to be Reuben and Swede will have to be the best. I too could see Billy Bob Thornton as either Jape or Jeremiah, but more likey Jape. This might be a little off the wall, but what about Jodi Foster as Roxanna? I imagine her a little rough around the edges and a kinda husky voice?

jenni said...

Libby - August Rush is in our Netflix queue. I've heard good things.

Andrea - I'm hoping that I can trust Leif Enger as much as I think I can. I don't see him trusting just any screenwriter, you know? Hmm, Jodi Foster might work....

kate o. said...

i agree with andrea, i think jodi foster would do a good job. i pictured jeremiah as being rather young when having davy, so if he was about 21ish when davy was born wouldn't that put him in his late 30s or maybe 40? i'm thinking billy bob thornton is a bit too old/weathered for jeremiah.

jenni said...

Have y'all heard of Mary McDonnell? I think she'd be a great Roxanna.

Kate, I think you're right about Jeremiah's age, so I vote for Christian Bale again. C'mon - he could do it.