:: a winner! ::

I pulled three names out of a blue ceramic bowl this morning, and here is the winner for my lil' giveaway:

-Laura Leigh Dobson!
[Home to Holly Springs, a Netflix 1-month-free trial card, a few tea bags, a simply photo postcard, and a set of Lotta Jansdotter sticky notes]

Two runners-up:

-and Megan.
[a Netflix trial card, a few tea bags, and a simply photo postcard]

[photo by Jen Causey, from her simply photo Etsy site]

Congratulations, y'all! And thanks to everyone for playing along. Laura, Crystal, and Megan ~ please e-mail me your addresses:

jennisimmons at gmail dot com

FYI, I have one more blog entry for pages 180-222, then I'm moving on to other pages. I hope to read your comments!


Megan said...

Thanks for the give-away. You know, I just remembered my mom brought me a copy of Home to Holly Springs the last time she came to visit. Silly me. I didn't even need a copy! :)

kate o. said...

a girl can't catch a break, can she? ;)

Crystal said...

Thanks so much. Can't wait for my prize.

jenni said...

Y'all are welcome!

Maybe next time, Kate.

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

i know i emailed you but I wanted to thank you again for this generous gift. I am absolutely loving both of your blogs!

jenni said...

You're welcome, Laura, and thank you!

brian7 said...

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