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I do love a good podcast, especially if it involves the arts. I like to listen in our home while sipping tea, cleaning, or resting my eyes. Or load up my iPod for driving around town. I don't know about your locale, but Houston radio sucks other than KUHF which features many NPR broadcasts. Even then, it's hard to catch those programs at the right time, so podcasts are much more convenient.

Seeing as this blog revolves around all things literary, I thought it would be a good idea to list my favorite bookish podcasts, for you fellow listeners:

-The Writer's Almanac.
-The New York Times Book Review.
-Audition (from Mars Hill Audio).
-NPR's Fresh Air. This is one of my favorite podcasts in general, and Terry Gross often interviews great authors.
-NPR's Book Tour. Alissa hipped me to this one, specifically because it's all about Leif Enger this week. He talks about writing Peace Like a River, reads from his newest book - So Brave, Young, and Handsome - etc.. It is time well spent.
-Lindsay mentioned the Poetry Foundation's Poetry Off the Shelf which I now love, and then I discovered that the P.F. offers several other poetry-related podcasts. Oh, goodie.

I get terribly behind on my podcast-listening, but it's good to know they're around, for my ears' sake.

Do you have a favorite bookish podcast you'd like to share?


Robin said...

Wow, thanks for the tips!
Ashamed to admit...I have never listened to a podcast. Maybe I'll start with the Leif Enger one :)

jenni said...

That's a good place to start!