:: deadline ::

My first Curator article was due today and I met the deadline, yippee. Yesterday, I felt pretty good about the article. Today, not so much. I know this tension is every writer's dilemma, but since health issues sometimes interfere with my brain's function, I just hope the editor won't hate my writing. Gulp.

But I had plenty of visual/cranial fuel up in my cozy writing room:

[a good dictionary and Makoto Fujimura's book, River Grace (5/5 stars)]

[my bird-camouflage tote bag from Target. I use it to transport items up and down the stairs.]

[a nice, big window]

[pretty things. Our cat, Harley, attacked that iron bird a few days ago, totally thinking it was real.]

[a framed photo of baby-me and my grandmother, Nina, and a cool straw purse my Mom gave me (from The Blue Hand here in Houston - a shop to die for)]

[History of Art by H.W. Janson. I left it open like that due to the Rothko page on the right; I mentioned him in my article. That's de Kooning on the left there.]

[one of my favorite oversized books ~ Churches by Judith Dupré (introduction by Mario Botta). I snatched it from our coffee table because it contains a page on the Rothko Chapel which I also mentioned in my article.]

[another page in the book ~ Basilica San Marco in Venice, Italy. Seriously, Churches in America: get with the program.]

[yet another page ~ Borgund Stave Church in Borgund, Sogn, Norway. I love this Church because it whisks me away to one of my all-time favorite books, Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset, set in medieval Norway.]

As for tonight, I'm gonna get lost in some reading and a cup of tea. Or watch a movie w/Johnny. Either way, time well spent.


kate o. said...

wow - the borgund stave church is amazing...i just keep staring at it. now i really must read "kristin lavransdatter."

and congrats on finishing the article. i'm looking forward to reading what you wrote!

Christine said...

That church photo is to die for!

nicole said...

yes, the borgund stave church is breathtaking! congrats on the article! xo

jenni said...

Kate ~ There are two translations. One is "old English-y" and one is more modern. I read the older style and it was worth the mental effort as it fit the setting beautifully. But I'm dying to read the other translation out of curiosity, and just because I love the story.

I'm glad y'all love the Borgund Church as much as I do! It is lovely.

Brian said...

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