:: 3 chapters this time? ::

[photo by Kate Ortiz. She was drinking rishi Earl Grey tea. Excellent choice.]

I am loving all of your comments on pages 1-18! Keep 'em coming, please. We're not done there.

Kate and I are thinking we should read three chapters for next week. I believe that's a good idea since most of you checked this book out from the library, and you can only renew it so many times. Do y'all agree? If so, read along with me: "Beauteous Are My Cakes Indeed", "Your Toughened Heart", and "Peeking At Eternity" (pages 19-69) by next Tuesday, 4/8 week.

What are your thoughts? Too many pages? Or read even faster due to library constraints? I'm game either way. I decided I need to own this book. I've taken my Mom's copy hostage, but I shipped her a brand new copy today. I figured that was only fair.

Also, Kate hipped me to engrave journals which are engraved Moleskines. Holy! She should not have showed me that site. The dude also engraves MacBooks. I'm thinking that's expensive, but would sure help my scratched-up black laptop. I can dream, anyway.


Andrea said...

Definitely not too many pages. My book is already on hold by someone else. So despite my desire to stay paced with the group, I feel obligated to finish as quickly as possible.

Libby said...

3 sounds great!

Crystal said...

3 or more is no problem for me. Read on!!