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Thanks for tolerating all of my questions as I figure out how to run a book club blog. It seems that we all read at very different paces. There are library due dates to honor, and well, Peace Like a River is a-ma-zing - it's hard to put down. I really don't mind if you read ahead, but I hope y'all still want to have a discussion? Perhaps you could take good notes as you read at the speed of light?? And please, don't give away future chapter spoilers!

Sometimes I read fast, and other times I read slow. Lately, my state of health causes me to read slowish, but I enjoy every page. And, as a writer-wannabe, reading slowly helps me to notice an author's style and such things I might miss if I read too fast. Just a little bit about me ....

Anyway, I've been peeking at a few book club blogs, and I had a minor epiphany. Instead of giving you reading assignments, I will post weekly - my thoughts on 3-4 chapters at a time. Then at any point, I welcome your interesting contributions in the comments. If you want to read along at my pace, great! If not, that's OK, too.

I hope to keep this blog running for quite awhile, with many different books. Thank you for joining me!

[photo by Libby Sellers. She was drinking Celestial Seasonings decaf sweet coconut Thai chai. Yum.]


Libby said...

I think it's a great discussion already. Loving the book.Leif is an awesome writer. I love the family's connection with each other. The relationships.
Thanks for getting this going Jenni and I hope your health improves quickly. I deal with Fibromyalgia so know a bit about the ups and downs of a chronic condition.
Ps does anyone else have trouble dechiphering the word verifications for posting a comment???!!!

jenni said...

Thanks, Libby! I'm sorry to hear about your fibromyalgia, though. You have my prayers.

Megan said...

Wah. I'm still waiting on my copy to arrive. Soon, I hope!

jenni said...

No worries, Megan.

Crystal said...

Great Idea! I can't wait a whole week to read three chapters...but of course I have to have permission to go ahead (I'm a rule follower) I'm gonna go read right now!!
Great book choice.
Hate those word verification things. L, J, I all look alike!

jenni said...

Sorry, Ladies. I've found that I need to use those word verification thingies.