:: this week ::

I promise not to mention my silly health issues in every other blog entry, but I'm not feeling so hot today. I didn't sleep much, either, so my brain is quite fuzzy - you know what I mean?

If it's OK with y'all, I will rest easy today and post my thoughts on pages 19-69 later this week (I promise). Maybe this will give some of you time to catch up to our fast readers!

For now, here is a photo by Andrea Montgomery:

[she was drinking North Carolina sweet tea. If you've never been to NC, or tasted their sweet tea, I'm so sorry. It's a gorgeous state, and the tea is amazing.]


Libby said...

No worries, mine is fuzzed out too. Nephew(18) had tonsils out last Wed and it is quite an ordeal for someone that old 2- weeks recovery min,can barely talk med every two hours and my twin sister is a tax preparer with 12 hour days right now so I have been staying with them taking the day and overnight shift. Look forward to uninterrupted sleep..... Love the book

Libby said...

oh yes, as to sweet tea there is nothing like it.Sweet and SMOOTH. haven't had it in years! My family is from Gastonia NC! though I'm a first generation yankee 8)

jenni said...

Wow, Libby, you must be tired. Rest up - I'm posting tomorrow!