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Year of Wonders
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Here is the other reading photo. My favorite place to read is under the covers, in bed. However, though my husband and I have lived in this house (our first) for almost a year, we've yet to purchase bedside lamps! This kills me. I'm now scouring catalogs and such to find well-designed, fairly inexpensive bedside lamps. Do y'all have any suggestions?

Who else likes to read in bed?

I love how this photograph captures reading a good book too late into the night .... Again, click the title - "Year of Wonders" (or the image) - to see the picture larger.


Megan said...

I raise my hand here! I spent most of yesterday afternoon reading my Anne Tyler book and then stayed up past midnight finishing it... all in my bed. :)

We've always had pretty successful lamp finds at Target, but that may not be the type of lower class lamp look you are going for *grin*

jenni said...

Target is not lower class to me at all - I love that place. We've actually looked there often, but so far, our local Target doesn't have the lamps I'm looking for, darn it!

Libby said...

I really like my wall mounted swing arm lamps beside the bed cuz it leaves the nightstand top free . just my .02 worth 8)

Scott said...

Sorry to horn in on the book club, even tho' I'm not reading along.

Sacha and I read to each other in bed. We take turns reading, depending on who's sleepier, or who needs to wind down.

We both love sci-fi/fantasy (true nerds).

As for lamps, try craigslist. houston's version's bound to be decent. I'm enamored w/ CL of late. I bought a sweet, top o' the line stainless steel BBQ grill for $90, and I'm in love... Sacha and I have gotten a fair amount of our furniture fr. CL. give it a shot...

jenni said...

Libby - great idea.

Hey, Scott! You can barge in here anytime. Johnny got me hooked on the show Battlestar Galactica, so now I'm a sci-fi nerd, too. And CL - another great idea! Thanks. Sacha said she read Peace Like a River. Now, YOU need to - it's amazing.