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An excerpt from my other blog:

"As you can see there, I did find two books at The Bookworm Shop. My brother strongly urged me to read Hiroshima, and my aunt did the same with The Year of Magical Thinking. They say those two are hard/sad reads, but important ones, and both were inexpensive, used copies. As the name implies, The Bookworm Shop was a charming place. Not too small, yet not oversized, either, and full of new & used books. There were chairs and couches, and fun gift items, too."

Also, I received an e-mail from The Brazos Bookstore about an upcoming author event with Jeannie Ralston. I don't know if it's my love for lavender or Texas, or both, but I really want to read The Unlikely Lavender Queen.

From goodreads:

"Jeannie Ralston had a flourishing career in her beloved New York, but meeting the love of her life would change all that. Robb, her husband-to-be and a photographer for National Geographic, hated the city and longed to settle down in the country. Jeannie was loath to leave her urban lifestyle — until they struck a bargain: she'd move to rural Texas if he would agree to start a family.

The Unlikely Lavender Queen is Ralston’s memoir of her life as an urban settler in rural Texas. She chronicles the experience of converting a dilapidated barn into a livable home, records with wit and bemusement her nostalgia for everything from lattes to liberals, lays bare her loneliness during Robb’s frequent National Geographic photo assignments, and raises the doubts that plague so many women of her generation — has she given up too much?

When Robb returns from a trip to Provence with a plan for starting a lavender farm on their land, Jeannie, a mother of two, is skeptical. But much to her surprise, in the course of managing the farm she discovers a new side of herself. By selling blooms to local florists, opening the farm to the public, and developing a number of lavender-related products, Ralston turns Hill Country Lavender into a thriving enterprise — and her life into an unexpected adventure

I think I could live on a lavender farm ~ how 'bout you?


Anonymous said...

I saw the Unlikely Lavender Queen on your website, read the blurb and couldn't help myself. Before I knew it, I was halfway through and devouring the rest. Well worth the read!

jenni said...

I'm happy to hear it's actually a good read! I plan to read it myself soon.

Robin said...

Mmm, imagine the constant relaxation with the scent of lavender always blowing in your windows...

jenni said...

That sounds heavenly.

Brian said...

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